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White round muffin cups

JJM_white round muffin cup
Item #BaseWallDiam.CaseWeight
MUF-0125-3001.125’’15/16’’3.0’’10m6 lbs
MUF-0830-05M1.5”1”3.5”5m4 lbs
MUF-0830-10M1.5”1”3.5”10m8 lbs
MUF-1030-05M1.875”1.125”4”5m5 lbs
MUF-1030-10M1.875”1.125”4”10m10 lbs
MUF-1530-05M1.875”1.375”4.5’’5m6 lbs
MUF-1530-10M1.875”1.375”4.5’’10m12 lbs
MUF-1530-25M1.875”1.375”4.5’’25m29 lbs
MUF-V200-5002”1.5”5”5m7 lbs
MUF-X200-5002”1.5”5”10m14 lbs
MUF-V200-5502”1.75”5.5’’5m8 lbs
MUF-X200-5502”1.75”5.5’’10m16 lbs
MUF-X250-5502.5’’1.5’’5.5’’10m17 lbs
MUF-2030-05M2.25”1.125”4.5’’5m6 lbs
MUF-2030-10M2.25”1.125”4.5’’10m13 lbs
MUF-0300-5503”1.25”5.5’’10m17 lbs
MUF-0300-6003”1.5”6”10m20 lbs
MUF-0350-6003.5”1.25”6”10m22 lbs
MUF-0350-6253.5”1.375”6.25”5m13 lbs
MUF-0350-6503.5”1.5”6.5”10m25 lbs

Round holiday muffin cups

JJM_round holiday muffin cups
Item #BaseWallDiam.CaseWeight
MUF-0830-XMS1.5"1"3.5"5M5 lbs
MUF-1030-XMS1.875"1.125"4"5M6 lbs
MUF-1530-XMS1.875"1.375"4.5"5M6 lbs
MUF-2030-XMS2.25"1.125"4"5M7 lbs

Holiday square muffin cups

JJM_holiday square muffin cups
Item #BaseWallDiam.CaseWeight
MUF+STSQ-XMS2" x 2"1.1875"4.375"5M7 lbs

Round sheet flat liners

JJM_round sheet flat liners
Item #CaseDimension

Hamburger wrappers or paper tray

JJM_hamburger wrappers or paper tray
Item #DescriptionWallCaseWeight
HAM-0008-10M3.5" x 1.75"2.25"10M31 lbs
HAM-0009-10M3.5" x 1.75"2.75"10M40 lbs

Hot dog wrappers fluted boat

JJM_hot dog wrappers fluted boat
Item #DescriptionWallCaseWeight
HOT-DOG0-10M6" x 1.625"1.25"10M22 lbs

White square muffin cups

JJM_white square muffin cup
Item #BaseWallDiam.CaseWeight
MUF-STSQ-05M2" x 2"1.1875"4.375"5M7 lbs
MUF-STSQ-10M2" x 2"1.1875"4.375"10M14 lbs

Stock material: White wax paper.
Custom order: Red, yellow, brown or pink glassine paper.
Silicone (parchment) and greaseproof paper.
Customized logos and designs.
Packaged in cardboard tubes to prevent warping.

White eclair moulds

JJM_white eclair moulds
Item #BaseWallCaseWeight
ECL-05.5-10M5.25" x 1.25"1"10M16 lbs
ECL-0500-10M5" x 1.25"1"10M16 lbs

Holiday cake baking moulds

JJM_holiday cake baking moulds
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
LIN-XMAS-0066.875" x 2.875"2.25"5M33 lbs
LIN-XMAS-20A6.375" x 2.875"2.25"5M27 lbs

Holiday eclairs moulds

JJM_holiday eclair moulds
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
ECL-04.5-XMS4.5" x 1"1"5M7 lbs
ECL-05.5-XMS5.5" x 1"1"5M8 lbs

Square sheet flat liners

JJM_square sheet flat liners
Item #CaseDimension
SQU-FLAT-5751M5.75” x 5.75”
SQU-FLAT-0061M6” X 6”
SQU-FLAT-6.51M6.5” X 6.5”
SQU-FLAT-0071M7” X 7”
SQU-FLAT-7.51M7.5” X 7.5”
SQU-FLAT-0081M8” X 8”
SQU-FLAT-8.51M8.5” X 8.5”
SQU-FLAT-0091M9” X 9”
SQU-FLAT-0101M10” X 10”
SQU-FLAT-0121M12” X 12”

Round fluted liners

JJM_round fluted liners
Item #BaseWallCaseWeight
RON-4.25-1.54.25’1.5’1M3 lbs
RON-4.75-1.54.75”1.5’’1M3.5 lbs
RON-5.25-1.55.25”1.5’’1M4.5 lbs
RON-5.75-1.55.75”1.5’’1M5 lbs
RON-6.25-1.56.25”1.5’’1M5.5 lbs
RON-6.75-1.56.75”1.5’’1M6 lbs
RON-7.75-1.57.75”1.5’’1M7 lbs
RON-8.75-1.58.75”1.5’’1M7 lbs
RON-9.75-1.59.75”1.5’’1M8 lbs

Round coloured muffin cups

JJM_round colored muffin cup
Item #BaseWallDiam.CaseWeight
GLA-0125-3001.125”.9375”3”5M5 lbs
GLA-0125-RED1.125”.9375”3”5M5 lbs
GLA-0125-YEL1.125”.9375”3”5M5 lbs
GLA-0125-CHO1.125”.9375”3”5M5 lbs
GLA-0125-PIN1.125”.9375”3”5M5 lbs
GLA-0830-RED1.5’’1"3.5"5M6 lbs
GLA-0830-YEL1.5’’1"3.5"5M6 lbs
GLA-0830-CHO1.5’’1"3.5"5M6 lbs
GLA-0830-PIN1.5’’1"3.5"5M6 lbs
GLA-1530-RED1 7/8’’1.375"4.5’’5M5M 6
GLA-1530-YEL1 7/8’’1.375"4.5’’5M5M 6
GLA-1530-CHO1 7/8’’1.375"4.5’’5M5M 6
GLA-1530-PIN1 7/8’’1.375"4.5’’5M5M 6

Customized Corrugated Liners

JJM_customized corrugated liners
Item #DescriptionBaseWallCaseWeight
P7C-ORRU-REDP712.25" x 8.25"2.5"50011 lbs

Vintage round pastry moulds

JJM_vintage round pastry moulds
Item #DescriptionBaseWallCaseWeight
DES-0C-1-05MC-1 (0830)1.5"1"5M4 lbs
DES-0C-2-05MC-2 (1530)1.875"1.25"5M7 lbs

Vintage square pastry moulds

JJM_vintage square pastry moulds
Item #DescriptionBaseWallCaseWeight
DES-0C-3-05MC-3 (square)1.75" x 1.75"1.25"5M7 lbs

Material: 1 colors print (gold) on white glassine paper.
Packed in cardboard tubes to prevent warping.

Vintage eclair moulds

JJM_vintage eclair moulds
Item #DescriptionBaseWallCaseWeight
DES-0C-4-05MC-4 (4.5")3.75" x 1"1"5M7 lbs
DES-0C-5-05MC-5 (5.5")5.25" x 1"1"5M8 lbs
DES-0C-6-05MC-6 (000)3.25" x 2"1.25"5M10 lbs

Oblong fluted liners

JJM_oblong fluted liners
Item #DescriptionWallCaseWeight
LIN-OBLO-0003.25” x 2"1.25"5M9 lbs
LIN-HIGH-0003.25” x 2"1.25"10M26 lbs
LIN-4525-2184.5’’ x 2.5"2 1/8"On request
LIN-020A-2.56.375" x 2.5"2.5"5M30 lbs
LIN-OBLO-20A6.375” x 2.75"2.25"5M27 lbs
LIN-OBLO-0066.875” x 2.875"2.25"5M30 lbs
LIN-OBL-49A8.75” x 2.375"2.25"5M34 lbs
LIN-OBLO-0077.50” x 3.5"2.5"3M22 lbs
LIN-BRIO-CHE9.25’’ x 3.75"2.75"On request

Lace doilies

JJM_lace doilies
Item #DimensionQty