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“Econo” pie boxes

JJM econo pie box
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
PIE-8000-ECO8" x 8"1.5"25025 lbs
PIE-9000-ECO9" x 9"1.5"25034 lbs

“Presto” takeaway cabarets

JJM presto takeaway cabarets
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
PRE-040B-DHM11.25" x 7"3.5"25030 lbs

“Presto” hot dog containers

JJM presto hot dog containers
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
HOT-DOGH-OLD5" x 1.375"1.375"4M55 lbs

“Distinction” cake boxes

JJM distinction cake boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
DIS-1415-1/414" x 10"5"75 sets36 lbx
DIS-1415-1/219" x 14"5"50 sets35 lbs
DIS-1415-FUL26" x 18"5"25 sets26 lbs

“Hook-style” cake boxes

JJM hook style cake boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
JJM-1010-5LK10" x 10"5"10035 lbs

4-corner glued cake boxes

JJM 4 corner glued cake boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
INS-8306-CAK8" x 8"3.5"25038 lbs

“Natural shipboard” pie boxes

JJM natural shipboard pie boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
PIE-CHIP-8X8" x 8"1.5"20025 lbs
PIE-CHIP-9X9" x 9"1.5"20028 lbs
PIE-CHIP-10X10" x 10"1.75"20033 lbs

“Presto” donut boxes

JJM presto donut boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
PRE-1055-BDO10.25" x 6.75"1.875"25033 lbs

“Distinction” bake and serve tray

JJM distinction bake and serve tray
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
DIS-0063-B&S6.75" x 3"2.25"25011 lbs
INS-8306-CAK8" x 8"3.5"25038 lbs
DIS-1061-B&S10" x 6"1"45024 lbs
DIS-0117-B&S11" x 7"1.25"35024 lbs

“Distinction” cake board

JJM distinction cake board
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
BOA-014B-1/413.75" x 9.75"5"15018 lbs
BOA-014B-1/218.75" x 13.75"5"10022 lbs
BOA-014B-FUL25.5" x 17.5"5"2515 lbs

“Reversible” cake boxes

JJM reversible cake boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
JJM-5X5X-2.55" x 5"2.5"On requestOn request
JJM-6X6X-3.56" x 6"3.5"On requestOn request
JJ M-7575-3.57.5" x 7.5"3.5"On requestOn request
JJM-8X8X-0058" x 8"5"On requestOn request
JJM-9X9X-3.59" x 9"3.5"15031.25 lbs
JJM-1010-3.510" x 10"3.5"On requestOn request
JJM-1212-3.512" x 12"3.5"On requestOn request
JJM-1212-00512" x 12"3.5"On requestOn request

“Presto” pie boxes

JJM presto pie boxes
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
PRE-8106-PIE8" x 8"1.5"25027 lbs
PRE-9106-PIE9" x 9"1.5"25030 lbs
PRE-1006-PIE10" x 10"1.75"25040 lbs

“Presto” takeaway cabarets

JJM presto takeaway cabarets 2
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
PRE-0044-TAK9.25" x 7.25"2.25"50043 lbs

Bake and serve pan

JJM bake and serve pan
Item #DimensionWallCaseWeight
1/4-SLAB-B&S7.875" x 5.875"1.875"50032 lbs
1/2-SLAB-B&S11.875"x 7.875"1.875"35031 lbs
FUL-SLAB-B&S15.875" x 11.875"1.875"25045 lbs

Boxes of Christmas logs

JJM boxes of christmas logs
Item #DimensionCaseSize/pkgWeight
JJM-009N-LOG9" x 6" x 6"12521.5" x 12.5" x 11.5"37 lbs
JJM-012N-LOG12" x 6" x 6"12521.5" x 17.25" x 6"49 lbs
JJM-015N-LOG15" x 6" x 6"12527.5" x 12.5" x 11.5"50 lbs

Material: 1 colors print (gold) on white glassine paper.
Packed in cardboard tubes to prevent warping.

Cardboard for boxes of Christmas logs

JJM cardboard for boxes of christmas logs
Item #For log boxesDimension
CAR-TPAS-09N9"8.75" x 8.75"
CAR-TPAS-12N12"11.75" x 5.75"
CAR-TPAS-15N15"14.75" x 5.75"